Professional microphone and audio mixer in radio studio.

Dr. Barry Zisholtz Appeared as a Guest on WSB’s The Weekly Check-Up

On Sunday, October 28th, Dr. Barry Zisholtz of Georgia Urology joined “The Weekly Check-Up” radio show on WSB, alongside host, Dr. Bruce Feinberg. This episode’s focus was unique to the show’s typical healthcare conversation and emphasized the power of healing and helping our children understand the world around them.

Dr. Zisholtz discussed an article he wrote that touches on the importance of educating young men about the changes they will face during puberty. He urged parents to have these discussions before puberty begins so their sons could be more prepared for the changes to come. Dr. Zisholtz also stated how the Me Too Movement should prompt parents to instill values of consent and respect in their sons as early as possible.  

Dr. Zisholtz also took questions from callers inquiring about ureteral stents, prostate cancer screenings and treatment procedures, and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

If you missed the show, click here to listen.