Headshot of Dr. Canter.

Dr. Daniel Canter Joins Georgia Urology’s Expansive Roster

Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in the Southeast, strives to deliver the highest possible quality of care to its patients by enlisting best-in-class physicians. The tradition continues with Dr. Daniel Canter, a board-certified, fellowship-trained urologist who will be serving Decatur and Sandy Springs beginning in December.

With the addition of Dr. Canter, Georgia Urology now has more than 50 urologists on staff throughout metro Atlanta. This allows the practice the opportunity to offer additional options for new and current patients to choose with confidence and convenience.

“In addition to seeking out some of the most talented urologists in the country, we pride ourselves in amassing a team of physicians and surgeons representing the various urology specialties,” says CEO Jason Shelnutt. “This includes pediatrics, female urology, infertility, kidney stones, voiding dysfunction, and cancer.”

Dr. Canter specializes in treating patients with urologic cancers. He will also be leading the Advanced Prostate Cancer team at Georgia Urology, a specific group of urologist experts designed to help patients treat advanced prostate cancer. Furthermore, he will be leading Georgia Urology’s clinical research efforts.

“Working as a urologic oncologist requires a great mix of medical and surgical subspecialty,” Dr. Canter says. “In addition, most of my patients are longitudinal, and our treatment relationship is over the long haul. I love being able to fix their problems quickly. Further, I’m not trying to keep patients from getting worse. I can get them better quickly. It’s gratifying for both me and the patient.”

Dr. Canter will be seeing patients at the following locations and is now accepting appointments:

  • Decatur 2685 Milscott Drive, Decatur. 404-292-3727
  • Sandy Springs 5730 Glenridge Drive, Suite 200, Atlanta. 404-256-1844

Request an appointment online or by calling the specific location.