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Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotics

If your urologist has recently advised you to have surgery for a urological disease or condition, you now have broad range of options.  Recent advancements in minimally invasive surgical technologies offer significant advantages over traditional open surgeries.

Minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery, performed through small incisions has provided more options. Robotic technology has revolutionized these surgeries. Patients recover quicker, have shorter hospital stays and return to normal activities sooner than after traditional open surgery. 

Georgia Urology is the Foremost Group in Georgia

Georgia Urology has the largest number of urologists who specialize in performing laparoscopic and robotic-assisted procedures to treat wide scope of bladder, kidney and prostate cancers and other diseases and conditions of the urinary tract system.
Our urologists use state of the art robotic technology for a more precise surgical technique. The use of the da Vinci surgical system, with its 3 dimensional, wristed instrumentation, offers excellent visibility and exact surgical techniques by translating the urologist's hand movements into precise micro movements. Our urologists perform robotic-assisted procedures at many hospital locations in the Atlanta metro area.

Experienced Leader in Laparoscopic and Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Our urologists were the first in Georgia to perform a laparoscopic nephrectomy (kidney removal surgery) for cancer in 1995, a laparoscopic prostatectomy (prostate removal) in 2000, and a robotic prostatectomy for cancer in 2003. They were also some of the first urologists to perform robotic-assisted partial nephrectomies in 2009.   

Using the most advanced techniques and state of the art technology, our urologists have performed over 1,500 robotic-assisted procedures. The patients have experienced less blood loss, often with less pain and recovered quicker with fewer complications. In fact, studies show that robotic surgery has been the #1 treatment choice of patient with prostate cancer.

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