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Georgia Urology Promotes Four Practice Physicians to Team of Shareholders

Largest urology practice in Georgia recognizes Drs. Daniel Belew, Michael Kemper, Joseph Song, and Bryce Wyatt for outstanding clinical expertise and patient care Georgia Urology – the largest urology practice in Georgia– appoints four practice physicians to its team of shareholders. Drs. Daniel Belew, Michael Kemper, Joseph Song, and Bryce Wyatt are receiving the honor due […]

Dr. Jeffrey Proctor Becomes First Urologist at Georgia Urology to Be Designated as an InterStim™ Center of Excellence

Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in Georgia, announced that Dr. Jeffrey Proctor has been designated as a Center of Excellence for InterStim™, an implantable device that helps improve bladder and bowel control. This designation recognizes Dr. Proctor’s exemplary use of the InterStim™ system and his commitment to helping patients achieve relief from symptoms associated […]

Kidney Stone Success: When Time is of the Essence

Dr. Barry Zisholtz of Georgia Urology knew the patient was sick the moment he looked at her. 75-year-old Linda Stowe was in a great deal of pain. The culprit: a kidney stone. However, the situation would prove more serious than Dr. Zisholtz initially thought, and he would eventually find himself advocating for Stowe, which likely […]

Dr. Carl Capelouto Is the First Urologist in Metro Atlanta to Be Designated as an Axonics® Center of Excellence

Georgia Urology, the largest practice in Georgia, announced that Dr. Carl Capelouto has been designated as a Center of Excellence for Axonics® — a device that gently stimulates the sacral nerve (sacral neuromodulation), restoring normal communication between the brain and bladder. The designation recognizes Dr. Capelouto’s high level of expertise with Axonics Therapy and his […]

Georgia Urology Expands Provider Roster by Adding Three Physicians to Acclaimed Team

Drs. Vincent DiCarlo, Robert Fisher, and Kanika Searvance join largest urology practice in Georgia Georgia Urology welcomes Drs. Vincent DiCarlo, Robert Fisher, and Kanika Searvance to its acclaimed team of providers. With this expansion, Georgia Urology continues to provide accessibility and diversity to the array of communities it serves. “At Georgia Urology, our team of talented […]

Dr. Brent Sharpe Designated as the First Rezūm™ Center of Excellence in Georgia

Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in Georgia, announced that Dr. Brent Sharpe has been designated as Georgia’s first and only Center of Excellence for Rezūm™ Water Vapor Therapy treatment – a minimally invasive in-office procedure for men looking to treat their enlarged prostate (also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH), not just the […]

Georgia Urology Surgeon Performs First iTind Procedure in Greater Metro Atlanta

Dr. Brent Sharpe administers groundbreaking new treatment for enlarged prostate Georgia Urology and Dr. Brent Sharpe are again leading the greater Atlanta area by being the first to successfully complete the new iTind procedure for men suffering from an enlarged prostate (also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Approximately half of all men ages […]

Georgia Urology Partners with Thomas Davis in Kidney Stone Commercial

Georgia Urology has partnered with former NFL and University of Georgia linebacker Thomas Davis in a Kidney Stone Hotline spot for WSB-TV. The commercial ran all summer as part of our annual focus on kidney stone awareness. Check out a few pictures from behind the scenes! Haven’t got time for the pain? Call the Kidney […]

A Vasectomy Surgeon Speaks: All You Need to Know

By Bryce Wyatt, M.D. So, you’re ready to shut down the pipes? A vasectomy is a safe, permanent, cost-effective option for men who do not wish to have further children. Vasectomy interest has skyrocketed around the country and Georgia Urology is ready to meet the increased demand. Georgia Urology is a leader in this field […]

Dr. Shaya Taghechian Discusses the Rising Interest in Vasectomy on CBS46 News

CBS46 News featured Georgia Urology’s Dr. Shaya Taghechian on July 13, 2022, to discuss the significant increase in vasectomy consultations. As a result of this influx, Georgia Urology vasectomy consultations have tripled, currently averaging more than 30 a day. A vasectomy is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes, has a short recovery time, and […]