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COVID-19: How Standing Still Has Kids Going Backwards

By Shannon Suarez, MSN, APRN, CPNP March 16, 2020, changed a lot for the children of Georgia. For my own three daughters, it was the last day my third-grader would hug her teacher goodbye, and the last day my sixth graders would cram a book into their lockers. But there they were, downright giddy at […]

Dr. Proctor Continues the Annual Event to Host ICA Walk for an IC Cure in Cartersville, Georgia

With masks, hand sanitizer, and socially distancing, Georgia Urology’s Dr. Jeffrey Proctor will continue to host the annual ICA Walk for an IC Cure in Cartersville, Georgia. Georgia Urology’s Dr. Jeffrey Proctor serves as the ICA Medical Advisory Board Member and practices at our Acworth and Cartersville offices. He graduated from New York Medical College, […]

Georgia Urology Appoints Dan Fellner as Chief Executive Officer

Georgia Urology – the largest urology practice in the Southeast and the fifth largest of its kind in the country – announced Dan Fellner, formerly the company’s Director of Human Resources, as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He replaces longtime CEO Jason Shelnutt, who voluntarily steps down to retain on staff as Chief Financial […]

Yes, Your Child Can Have a UTI! Learn How to Treat and Prevent

By Callie Duggan, CPNP-PC What is a UTI? A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an overgrowth of bacteria in the urine. UTIs can occur at any age and most often just affects the bladder, but the kidneys can also be involved. They are most common in females because the urethra (the tube we urinate from) […]

What is Meatal Stenosis?

By Kristin Wellman, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC As a nurse practitioner at Georgia Urology’s Help Awaiting Wet Kids (HAWK) Clinic, I spend my day seeing kids with voiding problems. A common concern with boys that come to our office is difficulty with urination or an abnormal urinary stream. There are several reasons this can happen, one […]

Free Webinar on Aquablation Therapy with Dr. Brent Sharpe

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is common in men over 50 and can significantly impact your health and quality of life. There are numerous treatment options available, and we understand that choosing a treatment option can be difficult and often forces tradeoffs between side effects, irreversible complications, and relief longevity. The advanced, minimally invasive Aquablation therapy […]

In Recognition of Men’s Health Month, Dr. Anglade Joins a Discussion on Male Infertility in Communities of Color

On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, Georgia Urology’s Dr. Ronald Anglade joined many other experts in a virtual discussion on Male Infertility in Communities of Color. Male Infertility in Communities of Color Approximately 1 in 8 couples will experience interfertility In almost 50% of those cases, the man is the factor in the couple’s infertility In […]