Prostate Disease

Disorders of the prostate are some of the most common conditions in men. Prostate disorders usually develop after age 50, but some men experience them at a younger age. Growing older raises your risk of prostate problems.

Our experienced urologists treat in all disorders of the prostate gland including infection, enlargement and cancer. Given the high prevalence of prostate disorders and diseases, Georgia Urology is passionate about early detection and timely treatments for disorders of the prostate gland. We utilize the most advanced treatment modalities for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) including minimally invasive procedures such as laser and thermal therapy. We perform in-depth evaluations to detect prostate cancer and offer comprehensive, leading edge treatment options, including robotic assisted surgery and alternative ultrasound therapy. We also care for patients with advanced forms of prostate cancer and through our research, have access to special protocols not available anywhere else in the Southeast.

Our expert urologists guide each patient through the diagnosis, treatment and management of prostate disease, offering the finest care available and striving for the best outcomes for all.

Learn more about the three most common prostate disorders:

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