Dr. Barrett-Harlow appears on 11Alive

Dr. Brittani Barrett-Harlow Appears on 11Alive’s “Atlanta & Company” to Discuss Prostate Cancer

On March 10, Dr. Brittani Barrett-Harlow appeared on 11Alive’s “Atlanta & Company” daily show to discuss the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. She discussed some of the risk factors that can increase a man’s likelihood for developing prostate cancer, and when to begin screening for the disease. If cancer is found, Dr. Barrett-Harlow outlined different treatment options depending on the stage of the cancer: from active surveillance, surgery, radiation, and more.

Additionally, Dr. Barrett-Harlow took time to discuss some of the most common side effects of treatments, including difficulty with erections (or ED), and loss of control of urination, or leakage. Even though these side effects may not be permanent, there are treatment options.

For ED, there are multiple FDA-approved treatments—from oral medication, to injections, devices, and surgical implants.

For urinary leakage, Georgia Urology offers multiple different surgeries and implants to help correct the problem.

If you missed Dr. Barrett-Harlow’s segment, you can watch her 11Alive segment below:

And for patients seeking more information, you can call Georgia Urology and make an appointment with a local doctor, and visit EDcure.org to learn more.