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Dr. Darrell Carmen Appears on “The Weekly Check-Up” on WSB Radio

On Sunday August, 5th, Dr. Darrell Carmen of Georgia Urology appeared on “The Weekly Check-Up” hosted by Bruce Feinberg on News/Talk WSB radio.

During the two-hour segment, Dr. Carmen discussed the connection between diabetes and many urological conditions. He explained that diabetes is a condition which gradually affects every organ with early symptoms that impact men’s health on an everyday basis. Dr. Carmen describes these symptoms to his patients with the mnemonic, “Three I’s and a T”. This represents urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction), and low testosterone.

“30 million people suffer from diabetes. It is a systemic disease that can cause long term issues if not controlled,” Dr. Carmen stated. “From a urologic standpoint, the manifestations of diabetes can cause quality of life issues other than heart disease, blindness, limb amputations, and kidney failure. I try to educate the patient on the long term manifestations and try to come up with a solution.”

Dr. Carmen also encouraged lifestyle adjustments such as increasing exercise and practicing a balanced diet low in sugar and carbs. This will keep the long and short term effects of diabetes at bay.

If you missed the show you can listen by clicking here.