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Dr. John Stites Appeared on The Weekly Check-Up

On Sunday, March 17th, Georgia Urology physician Dr. John Stites appeared on The Weekly Check-Up on News/Talk WSB Radio for a kidney awareness month special.

During this segment, Dr. Stites provided insight into his background, as well as the pediatric surgical correction and outcome research he performed during his medical training. Dr. Stites answered questions from callers concerning a host of urological conditions, their treatment options, and the nuances of the recovery process. Dr. Stites focus on robotic surgery for prostate cancer, benign prostatic enlargement, complex kidney surgery, adrenal surgery, and kidney stones provided many insightful answers.
Dr. Stites stated, ‘It’s important to set realistic expectations before surgery and understanding that a lot of the recovery process after surgery is patient motivated and requires patience and hard work. But good outcomes are possible.”
If you missed the show, click here to listen.