Dr. John Stites using Moses 2.0 holmium laser to treat kidney stones

Dr. John Stites Is First in Metro Atlanta to Offer Groundbreaking New Kidney Stone Treatment

Dr. John Stites of Georgia Urology — the largest urology practice in the Southeast and the fifth largest of its kind in the country — is the first metro Atlanta physician to offer a groundbreaking new treatment for kidney stones using the Moses 2.0 holmium laser, the latest in surgical technology. This continues Georgia Urology’s tradition of remaining at the forefront of patient care, urological research, technology, and best practices.

“After gaining extensive experience with the new device, I’m impressed with its speed and effectiveness,” says Dr. Stites, who has been using the Moses 2.0 on patients with extremely large kidney stones. “It’s easier to use and can shorten the operative time and recovery period for patients, while improving safety for the patients and surgical team.”

The Moses 2.0 is capable of the highest hertz of any holmium laser, making it the most effective urologic laser across several progressive treatment capabilities. This includes lithotripsy of the kidney, ureteral, and bladder stones. Its FDA approval allows Dr. Stites to participate in the laser’s clinical trials, which are coordinated by Boston Scientific.

“I’m honored to help introduce the latest technology to metro Atlanta,” Dr. Stites explains, “but I’m most excited to offer an effective and safe option for patients who are usually limited to procedures with a greater risk of complication, and a longer, often more painful recovery period.”

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