Dr. Ronald Anglade appears on Talk 106.7 FM radio

On Friday June 15th, Dr. Ronald Anglade of Georgia Urology appeared on The Shelley Wynter Show on 106.7 FM radio.

During the segment, Dr. Anglade and host Shelley Wynter discussed a variety of topics including bladder conditions, PSA levels, and biopsies. Dr. Anglade also discussed treatment options for benign prostate hyperplasia and the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Throughout the segment he emphasized the importance of being proactive in scheduling preventative prostate exams.

Dr. Anglade suggested that a diet lower in saturated fat, that is vegetable-based, and limited in alcohol and tobacco will greatly reduce the chances of men developing prostate issues. He stated, “The healthier you are in general, the healthier your prostate will be.”

Dr. Anglade, who has been practicing urology for 22 years and specializes in men’s health, also took calls from listeners to answer their questions about urologic health.

Dr. Anglade will appear on the show several more times this summer, so tune in to catch him again. If you missed this show, you can listen by clicking the audio below!