Ronald Anglade, M.D.


Dr. Anglade is a native of New York. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University, Providence, RI. He then returned to New York and received his medical degree from the State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn (Downstate Medical Center).

He completed a residency in surgery and urology at the Boston University School of Medicine. He stayed on in Boston as faculty and received additional training by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, one of the world’s experts in sexual dysfunction. He also completed a postgraduate fellowship in male infertility and microsurgery.

His research interests include genetic causes of male infertility.

He served as a visiting scientist in the lab of Dr. David Page at the MIT/Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The focus of his work included the impact of Y chromosome microdeletions on normal sperm production.

He is currently on staff at Emory Eastside Medical Center, Gwinnett Medical Center, Northside Hospital, Crawford-Long Hospital, and Dekalb Medical Center.

Dr. Anglade is a member of the American Urological Association, The Society for the Study of Male Reproduction, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology.

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The sweet lady that called me back, sadly can't remember her name, is the same lady from the Duluth office, is an amazing lady. The medical field needs more friendly and compassionate people like her.
Great Quality Customer Service
Dr Anglade was amazing. Courteous, knowledgeable, patient, and overall awesome. My only problem was the wait time. We arrive 10 minutes early. And then didn’t see the doctor for 55 minutes after our appointment time.
I highly recommend Dr Anglade.
I was very satisfied with the staff and Dr. at your facility. Very courteous and respectful. I am glad that I was referred to this establishment.
Dr Anglade is a wonderful doctor. He takes his time to explain the problem and to answer all the questions. He is very professional and courteous. His nurse Christina is very efficient and very pleasant. Always in a good mood. They are a “ dream team” :-)
I am so happy my primary care physician recommended Dr. Anglade. I was greeted by a cheerful professional at the front desk. I was seen within 10 Mins of my arrival. Dr Anglade took his time, asked questions, examined, and we set a course to improve my health and well being.
Dr Anglade is an incredible physician. He is kind and caring and always goes the extra mile with my 88 year old Mom. As the nurse in day surgery at Eastside told us, “ He is as talented a surgeon as he is a wonderful man.” And the nurses know.
I called and left a message following surgery about 10 days from such. Said I thought I may have more bleeding following the surgery and want to check with Ron Anglade about his thoughts on the matter. Never got a call back but called Christina, Ron's nurse, and she booked me immediately. Surprised no one called me back but that is why I have her number so that if I need to get answers quickly I know that I can and circumvent the phone bureaucracy of a large medical practice. John Sauers
Before this first visit, Dr. Anglade's staff had contacted my previous urologist and probably, Piedmont Hospital and gotten all my records, which were there for Dr. Anglade to consult during my appointment. I was impressed.