Dr. Wilson receives Young Urologist of the Year award

Dr. Shenelle Wilson Receives Young Urologist of the Year Award

Georgia Urology’s Dr. Shenelle Wilson has received the Young Urologist of the Year Award from the American Urological Association (AUA). This accolade cites Dr. Wilson’s work as founder of the nonprofit Urology Unbound, which works to support future and current Black and underrepresented minority medical students and urologists.

“Dr. Wilson has an incredible commitment to expanding opportunities for diverse individuals and developing the urologists of tomorrow, which makes this recognition so well deserved,” says Georgia Urology CEO Dan Fellner. “She not only exemplifies diversity in urology but is a true champion of the cause.”

The AUA Young Urologists of the Year Award is presented annually to an AUA member in each urological section in recognition of their efforts and commitment to advancing the development of early-career urologists. Dr. Wilson represents the Southeast section.

“The fact I’m being recognized for working to increase diversity in our field gives me hope for the future,” says Dr. Wilson. “The AUA obviously sees value in the Urology Unbound initiative, which is an incredible honor.”

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