Genetic Testing Is Available for Prostate Cancer

Every man with prostate cancer should consider genetic testing regardless of where they are in their cancer journey. Genetic testing personalizes cancer care and helps families understand if they are at an elevated risk. Here are some of the benefits of genetic testing:

Impacts Initial Treatment Decisions

Men who inherit changes in their DNA may have a more aggressive cancer. This information is important to understand when considering active surveillance or other active treatment options.

Unlocks New Treatment Option

Men with prostate cancer and certain inherited DNA alterations are eligible for life-sustaining therapies, like PARP-inhibitors, if the disease progresses to metastasis. Genetic testing is the only way to qualify for these new treatments.

Protects Loved Ones

Genetic testing can determine if a family member is at higher risk for developing cancer in the future. If an inherited DNA alteration is detected, family members have a 50% chance of having the same alteration. Genetic testing gives family members the information they need to take preventative health measures.

Recommended By Cancer Guidelines and Societies

National Comprehensive Cancer Network, American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute now recommend genetic testing for men with prostate cancer.

Here Are Some Facts About Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer

How Much Does Genetic Testing Cost?

Cost shouldn’t get in the way of understanding your DNA: broad payment plans and financial assistance are offered to both insured and uninsured patients. Medicare patients pay $0 and those that do have an out-of-pocket cost on average pay less than $60.

How Long Does Genetic Testing Take?

Testing can take up to 14 days, but the average turnaround time is under 7 days.

How Do I Get Tested?

Speak to your Georgia Urology physician to learn about how to arrange for testing. You can make an appointment today.