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Georgia Urology Involved in 5th Annual Police Health and Wellness Fair

On April 24th at the Atlanta Police Headquarters downtown, the expert staff of Georgia Urology joined the 5th Annual Police Health & Wellness Fair. An array of health and wellness booths provided a variety of information and health screenings free of charge to City of Atlanta police officers, firefighters, and safety professionals. This included PSA screenings courtesy of Georgia Urology.

“The health fair events are very important,” Deputy Chief at the Atlanta Police Department, Todd Coyt, said. “A couple of years ago, since I had recently gone to the doctor, I was going to skip the health fair. But I decided to go and got my PSA checked again. They noticed a slight elevation in my PSA. My doctor said it was probably nothing to be concerned about, but they would check it out. Lo and behold, I had the early stages of prostate cancer. And because I had come to the health fair, they were able to catch it in the very early stages. That helped me get treatment and have surgery. Now I’m cancer free.”

Rudy Morgan, acting executive director of the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition, also said, “We at Georgia Prostate Cancer have decided that we’re going to take a corporate approach to prostate cancer screening by taking the screening to the workplace. And what a better opportunity to work with the civil servants in our community, our police, fire, and safety individuals. We hope to provide these free prostate cancer screenings to eliminate the deaths due to prostate cancer, and educate, make people aware, and hopefully prevent the effects of the late stage of prostate cancer.”