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Georgia Urology Surgeon Performs First iTind Procedure in Greater Metro Atlanta

Dr. Brent Sharpe administers groundbreaking new treatment for enlarged prostate

Georgia Urology and Dr. Brent Sharpe are again leading the greater Atlanta area by being the first to successfully complete the new iTind procedure for men suffering from an enlarged prostate (also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH). Approximately half of all men ages 50 and older suffer from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and Georgia Urology is the only medical practice in Georgia to hold Centers of Excellence in the three minimally invasive BPH therapies of UroLift, Rezūm, and GreenLight laser.

“iTind is a revolutionary new option to treat an enlarged prostate,” says Dr. Sharpe. “Bringing this procedure to Georgia Urology patients and the greater Atlanta area is an exciting privilege, and we look forward to delivering its positive impact on those facing this condition.”

The iTind (Temporarily Implanted Nitinol Device) procedure is minimally invasive and treats symptoms due to urinary outflow obstruction secondary to an enlarged prostate. During the outpatient procedure, a surgeon implants a device that gently reshapes the urethra over a five-to-seven-day treatment period by slowly widening the opening through which urine flows. The implant is then removed at the end of the treatment period. Initial studies show iTind normally delivers long-lasting relief, preserves sexual function, urinary continence, and it avoids complications typically associated with major surgery.

“Georgia Urology prides itself on bringing the latest treatment and technology to our patients,” says Georgia Urology CEO, Dan Fellner. “As a patient-focused practice, we strive to help implement advancements such as iTind so those in need can live fuller, healthier lives.”

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