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Dr. Falconer Receives Salute to Doctors, Physicians, and Caregivers

Georgia Urology is proud to announce that Walter Z. Falconer, MD has been honored as a recipient of the Salute to Doctors, Physicians and Caregivers award. This salute recognizes healthcare professionals from all walks of life that have made a significant contribution in their communities.

When Dr. Falconer walks in the exam room, he may not know the impact he will have on his patients at that moment; however, the community around him has noticed that the work Dr. Falconer does each day makes a lasting impact in Metro Atlanta community by helping those living with prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and stone disease.

Dr. Falconer was honored on September 10, 2016 at the Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. While urologic conditions may be uncomfortable for patients to discuss with their healthcare providers at times, Dr. Falconer was recognized at the event for his commitment fostering an open line of communication between patients and their doctors as well as his commitment to urologic health for his community.

The Salute to Doctors, Physicians and Caregivers award is two-fold for the Metro Atlanta community. Not only does this event highlight Dr. Falconer’s efforts across DeKalb and Rockdale counties, but also it benefits the FSP South DeKalb Community Development, a non-profit organization that is charged with providing charitable, educational and support services for homeless and disadvantaged members of the community.

Together, Dr. Falconer, Georgia Urology and FSP South DeKalb Community Development work to create a healthier and happier Metro Atlanta community.

Dr. Falconer and the 43 physicians at Georgia Urology are dedicated to patients and the community. We congratulate Dr. Falconer on this career milestone.