Fernando A. Duralde, M.D., F.A.C.S.

A native of Atlanta, Dr. Duralde completed his undergraduate degree cum laude at Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He graduated from Emory University School of Medicine. He then completed an internship and residency in urology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He served as chief of urology at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska and Lakenheath Air Force Base in Suffolk, England.

Dr. Duralde is a diplomate of the American Board of Urology and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a Board Certified Urologist with the American Board of Urology. He is also a member of the Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons, the Medical Association of Georgia, the Medical Association of Atlanta and the American Urological Association and a Kimbrough Urologist.

Dr. Duralde has a special interest in treating urinary incontinence with medication, therapy, and surgery.

Dr. Duralde was born and raised in Atlanta. HeĀ is married and has three children.


4.9 /5
57 Reviews

Dr. Duralde really puts you at ease with his manner.
My receptionist was very very very nice, helpful, courteous and friendly
Outstanding group of doctors
I am always sure of care when I see Dr. Duralde. He is very thorough in his explanation of my problems. He treats me with time and patience, as though I was the only patient he has to see.
I had an unusual condition that I knew nothing about as to the seriousness.. I called for an appointment and was scheduled one a month in the future. I went to the office in an attempt to clarify my new symptoms. While there, I happened to get a cancellation for the next day. A relief!. Therefore my 'survey' may seem a little awkward.
There was a problem with the water to the building being cut off that day. Hand sanitizer was being used liberally but that made me feel a little uneasy when dealing with urine specimens, etc. I had about a 40 minute wait to be seen in a chilly exam room after my appt. time.
Dr. Duralde is extremely friendly and always takes time to answer questions and he makes me feel that he is really interested in me. I think that he is very professional, with a caring heart.
No problems with any help I ask for, or receive.
Dr. Duralde is always courteous and answers my questions so that I understand.
I am always pleased with Dr. Duralde, he seems very concerned about his patients and remembers details very well. My only complaint this time was that I specially told the lady making my next 3 month appt was that IF MY URINE CULTURE IS POSITIVE, PLEASE CALL MY CELL PHONE AS I NEED TO GIVE A DIFFFERENT PHARMACY BECAUSE I WOULD BE OUT OF TOWN! I didn't hear from the office so assumed I had no infection. I have meds to take when I think I may have an infection to take for a few days til symptoms disappear. Under Drs orders, this is how we are treating my chronic infections (to avoid too many antibiotics ) due to my bladder not emptying well due to bladder repair surgery and self catching 2x/day. No phone call! A family member returned home, heard a message that yes, I had an infection and to take more meds. I was very disappointed that my request was not followed. I could have started more meds quicker & gotten rid of the infection sooner. I wasn't very happy about that!