Harry Rutland, M.D., F.A.C.S.

A native of Guntersville, Alabama, Dr. Rutland completed his undergraduate degree at Auburn University and received his medical degree in 2001 from University of Alabama School of Medicine. He completed his internship in surgery and residency in urology at Emory University Hospitals where he was Chief Resident in Urology from 2005-2006.

Dr. Rutland practices general urology with a particular interest in the treatment of stone disease, enlarged prostate (BPH), and urological cancers. He specializes in laparoscopic kidney surgery. Dr. Rutland is a member of the American College of Surgeons and the American Urological Association.

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4.9 /5
133 Reviews

Dr. Rutland is the reason I go here. He is the BEST!
Dr. Rutland and staff were excellent. Had quite a bit of difficulty trying to get estimated cost for the overall cost (facility, athes, etc.)
Smooth - Fast appointment
Dr. Rutland was very friendly, courteous, and professional. I will recommend him to my family and friends.
Dr. Rutland is fantastic and was great to work with. He has a fantastic bedside manner and thoroughly answered all questions I had. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs to see a urologist.
I think having to wait 45 minutes past my appointed time is unreasonable. When I asked if there had been an emergency that caused the doctor to be so behind, I was told he had "run over to the hospital for lunch." I find that inconsiderate and uncaring about his patients schedules.
Dr Harry Rutland is one of the best physicians I've ever experienced. He takes time to listen and really shows care & concern. And he does this consistently as I have been seeing him for many years.
Very pleased with my medical care thanks to Dr. Harry Rutland.
Thank you Dr Rutland.
I really like everyone I met. They were all very nice to me.
Dr. Rutland is great.
Dr. Rutland is the best. I feel extremely comfortable with him as my Urologist.
Dr. Rutland is awesome - I appreciate his down to earth manner.
Dr. Rutland is kind, informative and very personable. He answers all your questions and gives very good advice. I would definitely recommend him.
Left message for a callback due to long hold times. No one ever called me back.
A very positive experience. Appreciate the time Dr. Rutland spent with us explaining what we might be facing.
Dr was extremely professional and answered our questions. Could not ask for any better. The staff has some problems with receiving doc orders or info on portal many people were very upset with the office not having the medical records including me. I called my doctor and had them sent again while I was standing there
I believe the wait time for this visit was atypical. Normally the wait time is reasonable.
Dr. Rutland is caring, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable about my condition.
I have great confidence in Dr. Rutland. I feel fortunate that he is providing my urology care.
Outstanding!! Dr Rutland was great. Professional, friendly, and obviously very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and was very positive in his answers. I was very comfortable during the visit and would definitely recommend Dr Rutland to anyone.
Dr Rutland is the best!
;Everyone was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. It was an outstanding visit. Dr Rutland was great.
Easy to interact with Georgia Urology. Very satisfied with Dr. Rutland. The only downside is the Georgia Urology does no make my medical record available to me online.
My spouse and I love Harry Rutland can not say enough nice things about him. Your reception at the north side extension is the worst. Have the Russian born women leave a voice mail for you. Let me know if you understand anything. When we entered your office, she verbally attack us the minute we walked in. This is my second encounter with her. I do not expect courtesy anymore, but I do expect civility. She was so abrasive, that my husband left the room to avoid a confrontation. He was a policeman, trial lawyer and judge for 40 years and told me she was the nastiest person he has encountered in years. I know he does not what me to visit her location again. Put bluntly if she is there, We are not. If you are beholding to this employee, put her some where she has no public contact. Again we think the world of Dr RUtland
In all my visits Dr. Rutland has NEVER made you feel that you were being rushed so he can see the next patient, has always made sure you were as informed as he could make you, that you understood what had been discussed, and never acted as if any question wasn't important. Most times an appointment won't start on time; but often you may be able to hear enough in the next room to understand that all his patients get the same consideration you receive. If only more doctors cared enough about their patients, people wouldn't feel like they were just another number. THANKS Dr. Rutland.
Dr Rutland and staff always treat me with dignity and respect and answer all my questions.
Medical care is great. Administration still needs work
very satisfied with the services provided by Georgia Urology.
Very much appreciate Dr. Rutland’s manner with my dad. He is compassionate, concerned, easy to talk with, and explains things in layperson terms.
Dr. Rutland takes his time in explaining his methods, which I certainly appreciate.
Very friendly and made me feel at home.
Grateful to have Dr Rutland as my urologist. Area for general improvement is to make better use of Patient Portal.
Dr. Rutland takes his time in listening to your concerns and questions and explains answers clearly and concisely. I never feel that I’m rushed by Dr. Rutland or his staff. I truly believe that Dr. Rutland has your health as priority #1!!!
The staff is very professional and Dr Rutland made feel that my time with was important. Took the time to address my concerns!
Dr Rutland is knowledgeable , very professional and courteous.
I recommend Dr. Rutland who is my Doctor!!!!
I believe that Dr. Rutland is very professional, courteous, and thorough. I trust him with my prostate health and know that I am confident I am in "great" hands with his care.
Dr. Rutland was very informative, personable and attentive. We had excellent communications. I would very strongly recommend him to friends and family.
Dr. Rutland is personable and friendly. He absolutely takes time to listen to my concerns and clearly explains answers to these concerns.
I really like Dr. Rutland. He always answers all of my questions. He is very personal--a true professional.
I would recommend Dr. Rutland to anyone looking for an excellent Urologist in the Atlanta area. He is a true professional. He spends as much time with you as you need. He is a good listener, and his recommendations are spot on. You can't go wrong.
x ray tech, not very happy
Dr. Rutland diagnosed an elevated PSA for me, Turns out the cause was an infection which he prescribed antibiotics for that cleared things up. Dr. Rutland explained everything clearly and took the necessary time so I could ask questions. I highly recommend Dr. Rutland for any Urology need. It's also a great convenience being able to have lab tests performed in his office instead of needing to go to a lab requiring a separate trip. His staff is also top notch. Great location being very close to Wellstar-North Fulton hospital. The wait time seemed minimal when I arrived at the office.
Very satisfied
Dr. Rutland is the best.
My wait time was almost 2 hours. I waited over 3 weeks for my appointment. But love Dr. Rutland and the staff.
Really appreciated Dr. Rutland explaining my condition to me in terms that I could understand. Very nice and friendly.
Dr Rutland is very competent and caring. He has excellent communication skills.
Very pleased...professional...good interaction with Dr Rutland...feel like in very good hands...
If the doctor is running behind schedule, they should call the patients
I have recommended your service to others.
Dr. Harry Rutland is excellent.
They don't come any better than Dr. Rutland!!
Dr. Rutland is an exceptional Dr. He explains the issues very well and he shows he really cares about you and your medical issues.
I LOVE Dr. Rutland! He is so personable, so thorough, so caring, and so competent. The wait time to see him is rather long - but I know that is because he had surgery that morning that took longer than he was scheduled for. I would wait for him, however!
Dr. Rutland always seems focused on my health when he sees me. He is thorough in his treatment and advise. He shows genuine concern for me as a patient. During my many visits to GA Urology this year, all of the staff have been very courteous and helpful.
Dr Rutland is a fine doctor.
apt was for dr Rutland. Another dr took his place but don't recall name. Survey applies to dr I met with.
Dr Rutland was not in today and some one else took his place. The wait after you get into the exam room and the Doc coming in is much to long! ------
I was extremely satisfied with my appointment with Dr. Rutland. He had obviously checked my history and was aware of my previous visits. He was very helpful.
Dr Rutland is very good. First visit 3 1/2 years ago saw him for first time and he treated my problem promptly. Since then have moved to Go but have not even looked for another Dr
Dr. Rutland is extremely courteous and listens to my questions and gives detailed understandable answers.
Dr. Rutland is exceptional, thorough, and welcomes patient active participation in the process. He is superior and deliberate. He's what specialists should strive to be.
Their initial exam 11 years ago for a kidney stone uncovered my cancer and probably saved my life. Dr. Rutland's surgery skills allowed me to return to work two weeks after my kidney was removed. They have treated me every since and I could not have asked for better care.
Improvement should be done on the wait time. I had another old patient complain publicly to me
Nice people
Recently recommended Dr. Rutland to an acquaintance of my wife. I told my wife to tell her friend that Dr. Rutland is about as good as you can get.
Great visit
Dr. Rutland is GREAT. Always explains things. Willing to take the time the patient needs. Just a wonderful doctor. I would recommend him highly.
Everyone's great--thanks!
I like Doctor Rutland very much he listens , and is very good dr.
Dr. Rutland is a fantastic doctor!
I was coming in for a PSA test. I ended up spending 90 minutes waiting in the reception area, and exam office before being seen. Everyone was polite and professional, just I felt I could have been there 20 minutes and left. I felt like I lost an hour of my day.
The wait time was unusual and the only distraction form what was a normal visit with Dr. Rutland.
The only Dr I’m familiar with is Dr. Rutland and he’s fantastic! Explains patiently and helps me have a more positive outlook on health issues.
No comments other than I’m very pleased with Dr Rutland .
Everything was great except for the wait. I wish I could check in online and view current wait times. I always leave work and yesterday I waited over an hour and the visit before I waited over two hours.
I waited 3 hours in the office but that was due to a shortage of personnel that day which I totally understand.
(ULTIMATELY MY VISIT WAS AWESOME) Thank you to the staff and especially the Dr he was so knowledgeable on what was going on with my body i felt comfortable after 5 minutes of conversing, not to mention i slept better than i have slept in a year!!! my only complaint was the waiting area smelled horrific the smell of smoke made me dizzy, that part could not be helped... my visit was a perfect 10
Dr. Rutland was very helpful, thorough, organized and informative.
Excellent team who have all been very helpful. My suggestion is to better warn Kaiser patients that you have no access any referral data, or better yet get into an electronic exchange with them.
The needed documents and test reports should have been obtained in advance of my appointment, but, they had to be requested from my referring physician while i waited. I had asked that all documents be sent and I advised this facility that they should be received. This should have been followed up properly, so as not to waste my time and the physician's time.
Excellent care. Appreciate squeezing me in.
I have been a return patient for several years and would recommend Dr Rutland highly.
Dr Rutland has always been very attentive to my condition and takes his time each and every visit.
I recently had my first appointment with Dr. Rutland. I found Dr. Rutland very professional, very personable and had a sincere interest in my condition. The office staff was also very kind and helpful. When I left I was so pleased that I wished Dr. Rutland could be my primary care doctor.
I have been a patient of Dr Rutland for years. He is the gold standard for patient care. An expert in his field with a warm bedside manner. He takes the time to know his patients and give them the best of medical care.
He has been my urologist for many years. Very supportive and attentive.
My appointment with Dr. Rutland was a fill-in appointment because my current urologist was away. I encountered a serious infection while on a cruise and was treated by ships doctor. Upon arriving home from the cruise I was able to see Dr. Rutland on short notice he diagnosed my condition and provided a solution to my condition. I am appreciative to GA Urology and Dr. Rutland for their concern.
There is not a better Doc around. He listens well, explains issues in plain English and then follows up. He has been my urologist for 6+ years and I couldn't be happier! He'll be my Doc till the day I croak!
I inherited Dr. Rutland when Dr. Little retired. I am glad that I chose to stay with this group. He is compassionate and caring. He takes the time to discuss his thought process with me so I understand why we are doing what we are doing. This is the sign of a good physician.
Dr. Rutland operated on my husband for bladder cancer. He is very thorough, caring, and communicate easily with his patients. We were nervous about the surgery, but he was very reassuring. We have upmost confidence in him
Dr. Rutland takes the time to listen as well as provide good information.
Couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Ruthland.
I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Rutland. He listens well and takes time to answer any questions I have throughly. Two physicians that I see on a routine basis recommend Dr. Rutland.