Experiencing issues with our PxP portal?

Utilize this FAQ document for assistance.

Enrollment Issues:

I have not received the email invitation to enroll in the Portal.

  • Please note that the invitation email could take up to 48 hours to be delivered. Additionally, kindly check your junk and spam folders for the email.
  • Please verify with your practice that your email address is accurate to ensure successful delivery.

I have not received an invitation/message from GA Urology portal (who will extend the invitation for the portal invite? I don’t see a message from GA Urology portal?).

  • You’ll receive an invitation from [email protected] with the subject line: “You’re invited to create a Patient Portal account at Georgia Urology.”

What browser and platform/device should I use?

  • Please refrain from attempting to enroll using a cell phone, as the patient portal is not optimized for display or functionality on mobile devices. There is no corresponding mobile app available currently. It is best to use a desktop, laptop, or tablet for the enrollment process, if possible.
  • For optimal browsing experience, we suggest utilizing Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge web browsers.


Account Creation and Login Issues

You are unable to create an account and receive an error message.

  • Try clearing your browser cache. Go to your browser settings, select “Clear Browsing Data,” close and reopen your browser, and then click the link in the email invitation again. Feel free to attempt using an alternative web browser as well.

I receive an error stating; we encountered an error attempting to validate your information. Please try again.

  • Please ensure with your practice that we have your correct zip code on file. If you have recently moved, please try entering your previous home zip code. Additionally, kindly refer to step #5 for troubleshooting, or consider trying a different web browser.

Username and Password Issues-Can I use my previous username and password with the new Portal?

  • It’s advisable to generate a fresh username and password for the new Portal. If the chosen username is unavailable, please choose a different username, as the one you selected is already in use on the MedFusion platform. Consider adding a number or character to the name for the new account.

I have set up the account, but I’m having trouble logging in.

  • If you are having trouble logging in, consider resetting your password. Click on the “Reset Password” button and follow the instructions provided. Also, double-check that you are using the correct username you created during sign-up.

I do not remember the answers to the security questions for my account.

  • You will need to reset your password. Click on the “Reset Password” button and follow the prompts. You will be directed to select new security questions.

My account is now locked

  • If there are too many failed login attempts, your account will lock as a security measure. It will automatically unlock after approximately 20 minutes. Once it is unlocked, click on the “Reset Password” button, and follow the instructions provided.

Data and Document Issues- After logging into my account, I am unable to view any data.

  • Your data will not sync automatically to your account. To initiate the process, request a complete health record. The sync should commence within 48 hours. Keep in mind that documents such as notes and reports must be manually sent by the staff as they will not sync automatically. If you wish to have a note or report sent to your portal, please contact the Georgia Urology office where you are currently receiving care.
  • If you are having trouble locating your documents downloaded from the portal. The document you are downloading from the portal will be saved to the device you’re currently using. Please keep in mind that you will need an app that views PDFs installed to open and view the document properly. If you do not already have one, you can download a PDF viewer app from your device’s app store or software marketplace if needed.