doctor speaking to male patient

A Vasectomy Surgeon Speaks: All You Need to Know

By Bryce Wyatt, M.D.

So, you’re ready to shut down the pipes?

A vasectomy is a safe, permanent, cost-effective option for men who do not wish to have further children. Vasectomy interest has skyrocketed around the country and Georgia Urology is ready to meet the increased demand. Georgia Urology is a leader in this field performing over 2,100 vasectomies each year, and I have performed the third most vasectomies at Georgia Urology this decade.

A vasectomy takes around 30 minutes to complete and is typically done at one of our many ambulatory surgery centers located throughout metro Atlanta. It involves severing the vas deferens, which is the tube through which the sperm exits the testicles. After the procedure sperm is still produced, but it gets trapped at the site where the vas deferens was separated and is absorbed by the body harmlessly. Vasectomies typically do not affect your hormone levels, ejaculation volume or character, libido, or erections.

We perform scalpel and no scalpel vasectomies, and we offer nitrous oxide to help comfort patients during the procedure itself. Preparation is simple, with the need to stop blood thinner agents such as aspirin or ibuprofen a week prior to the procedure. Most men may experience minor discomfort for 24-48 hours afterwards, but typically are back to regular daily activities within a week.

A vasectomy has a long-term success rate of over 99%, equal to that of tubal ligation in females.  However, a vasectomy usually has a much quicker recovery and is less invasive and less expensive. A vasectomy should be considered a permanent procedure and is strongly discouraged for men who are still considering having children. If you later determine that you are interested in having children, a vasectomy reversal may be possible. Recent studies have shown that when a vasectomy reversal is performed within 3 years of a vasectomy, natural conception has been achieved around 76% of the time. Using microsurgical techniques, we can provide the highest pregnancy rates in couples wishing to restore fertility.

Vasectomies have been performed safely for over 100 years and are an important family planning tool with little to no adverse side effects. It will continue to remain a very attractive option for family planning purposes for men who are willing to undergo a quick, simple, and cost-effective procedure. If a vasectomy sounds like something you’re interested in, schedule a vasectomy consultation with one our urologists so we can address any further questions or concerns that you may have.