Georgia Urology’s Expertise Combined With Prostate Cancer Awareness Serve as ‘Life Saver’ for Grateful Patient

Ralph Puckett, a medical sales professional, always knew the importance of staying on top of his health. For more than 30 years, he diligently visited the same physician for annual check ups. “And everything was copacetic,” he recalls. That was until late 2018 when his PSA levels spiked. Concerned Puckett might have prostate cancer, his […]

Bulkamid Introduces New Era of Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Georgia Urology’s Dr. Shaya Taghechian, a Center of Excellence for the procedure, delivers much-needed relief to a patient with long-term struggles With a wedding and honeymoon on the horizon, 58-year-old Alison K. felt unrelenting pressure. Her stress urinary incontinence (SUI) had become increasingly worse throughout a decade, and now it threatened to infringe on one […]

Overcoming An Overactive Bladder: A Comprehensive Guide to Treatment Options

By Dr. Robert Fisher  Are you one of the millions of men and women grappling with the daily challenges of an overactive bladder, urinary frequency, or urinary incontinence? These issues can disrupt your life, leading to awkward and frustrating situations. At Georgia Urology, our dedicated team of urologists is equipped with a diverse array of […]

A Veteran’s Journey to Healing at Georgia Urology

This Veterans Day, Georgia Urology salutes the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who have valiantly served our country. Our gratitude for our veterans is boundless and woven into the very fabric of our practice. We are proud to highlight the story of Ira Campbell, a respected veteran who has bravely served our […]

Are UTI Symptoms Always a UTI in Kids?

By Dr. Michael Garcia-Roig Peeing is something we take for granted, because why should you think about it if everything is working smoothly? This is especially true in kids, parents sometimes go so far as throwing a party when their child is potty trained and out of diapers. It’s a headache when kids take a […]

Childrens’ Urinary Frequency and Bladder Dysfunction

A Parent’s Guide to Frequent Urination in Children By Paige Zagranski, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC As a parent, you are constantly monitoring your child’s health and well-being. So when you notice your little one rushing to the bathroom too often or experiencing bedwetting, it’s natural to be concerned. While occasional variations in urination patterns are normal, […]

Georgia Urology’s Experts Provide Cutting-Edge Solutions for Urinary Incontinence

Jim Rozelle, a prostate cancer survivor, thought he had defeated cancer after undergoing radical prostatectomy. However, five years later, he began experiencing urinary incontinence, a common condition for men who have undergone prostatectomy. “It was extremely embarrassing,” Rozelle recalls. “I was constantly concerned. I couldn’t go out, or my pants would be soaked. If I […]

Celebrating Women’s Health: Breaking the Silence and Stigma Surrounding Pelvic, Bladder, and Vaginal Care

By Dr. Shaya Taghechian May is Women’s Health Care Month, which reminds us of the importance of raising awareness regarding women’s health issues. At Georgia Urology, we understand the critical role women play in their families and communities. However, in their efforts to care for others, many women often neglect their own health needs. As […]

Testicular Cancer Awareness, Early Detection Remain the Keys to Successful Treatment

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and Georgia Urology is calling attention to the importance of early detection and treatment of this rare but potentially deadly cancer. Facts About Testicular Cancer According to the American Cancer Society, about 9,610 new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2023, and approximately […]

Finding Hope for Fatherhood Beyond the Most Devastating Infertility Diagnosis

By Dr. Akash Kapadia As a fellowship-trained urologist, I have seen many couples struggle with infertility. One of the biggest misconceptions is that infertility is primarily a women’s issue and that men don’t need to worry about their reproductive health. In fact, male infertility is the sole cause or a contributing factor in about 50% […]