Men’s Health Clinics…Beware! Part 1

By Charles Kaplan, M.D. How many times have we heard the men’s health clinic ads on the radio? They sound so appealing, often guaranteeing success on your first visit or your money back. So exactly what does all that mean? Let’s break it down: The doctors you see in many of these men’s health clinics […]

Prolonged Erection: Priapism Is a Urological Emergency

By Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D., F. A. C. S. I’m sure by now, you may have seen and or heard a commercial for erectile dysfunction (ED) which ends with the statement, “If your erection lasts more than four hours, call your doctor.” This condition (known as priapism) is a urological emergency that is relatively rare, […]

Salvage Cryo-Surgical Ablation of the Prostate for the Treatment of Recurrent Prostate Cancer in Patients After Radiation Therapy

By Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D., F. A. C. S. Prostate cancer is the most common solid malignancy in men. It can be seen in up to 40-50% of men as they approach 90 years of age. There are various stages and grades of prostate cancer, which is important to note, because each stage can determine […]

Fusion Biopsy of the Prostate

By Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D., F. A. C. S. Fusion biopsy of the prostate is a procedure that has developed over the last few years to more accurately diagnose localized lesions of the prostate. This has become an important advance in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Over the years, studies have shown that many men […]

Movember on Our Minds: A Reminder of the Importance of Regular Urology Exams

By Christopher Keith, M.D. Throughout the month of November, many men are growing mustaches in an effort to raise awareness of male health issues. It’s called Movember, and the event is a great reminder that regular exams with a urology provider are important for maintaining good health. Any new or worsening urology issues can be […]

InterStim Therapy Relieves Patient’s Bothersome Urinary Symptoms Instantly

The Pain and Frustration of Urinary Symptoms to Instant Relief: One Woman’s Life-Changing Experience with InterStim Therapy The unrelenting need to urinate. Excruciating bladder pressure and pain. For approximately six years, 56-year-old Joy Brumbeloe experienced those problems on a daily basis. “You learn to live with things, and it just becomes your norm,” Brumbeloe explains. […]

Volunteering at the TOUR Championship

For veteran volunteer Bob Weyand, his home base at this lauded golf tournament is the Volunteer Headquarters, sponsored by Georgia Urology in partnership with Boston Scientific. As he helps the event machine function on the golf course, the most fulfilling aspects go way beyond the green. When the top 30 professional golfers converge upon East […]

Incontinence After Prostatectomy? Stop the Drip.

By Kristi Hebert, M.D. Stress urinary incontinence after prostatectomy or pelvic radiation therapy is a common and often frustrating side effect of treatment for thousands of men. Symptoms include loss of urine control with increased abdominal effort, such as coughing, sneezing, heavy lifting, and exercise. Stress incontinence can improve with dedicated pelvic floor physical therapy […]

Beyond the Bend: Understanding Peyronie’s Disease

By Brittani Barrett-Harlow, M.D. While most patients may not know the term Peyronie’s disease (PD), the condition is quite common — affecting one in 10 men over the age of 18. Peyronie’s results from scar tissue in the penis. Scarring can be due to trauma, other surgeries, pre-existing conditions like diabetes, or associated with other […]

Large Kidney Stones: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By Stephen Overholser, M.D. Kidney stones come in all shapes and sizes. For this article, I’d like to focus on the bigger ones. I will use 2 centimeters as our cutoff, but even some 1.5 centimeters stones could be considered large, especially if they are dense or trapped inside a pocket in the kidney. All […]