What Happens When Your Child Is Detected With an Undescended Testicle?

By Michael Garcia-Roig, M.D. What Is a Testicle? Testicles are the male gonads; ovaries are the female form. From birth to puberty, testicles do not have many functions. However, once puberty begins, the testicles produce testosterone, the hormone responsible for male development and the sperm needed for fertility. Men have two testicles in the sack […]

Relief from Priapism: A Patient Success Story

Dr. Barry Zisholtz took one look at his patient and recognized the problem: an ischemic priapism. Roderick, a retiree in his late 60s, was in intense pain due to a prolonged erection caused by constant arterial blood flow to the penis. The patient explained he had sought help at a men’s clinic after several years […]

Three’s a Crowd: Georgia Urology Physician Uncovers Rare Case of Ureteral Triplication

In 2019, Christie Baggett of Warner Robins, Georgia knew something was wrong with her 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte. However, she would have never thought Charlotte was experiencing one of the rarest urinary tract conditions imaginable. When Charlotte was 5, Christie began noticing her daughter was experiencing urinary problems. Charlotte’s pediatrician reassured them this could be a […]

Lifestyle and Leakage: How to Limit Bladder Urgency and Incontinence

By Christopher Keith, M.D. Have you ever had the sensation of needing to rush to the bathroom? Ever not make it in time? Here are a few lifestyle changes that may help. Diet, Caffeine, and Alcohol First, it is important to note that drinking more fluids leads to more urine production. Water is typically good […]

Kidney Stones in Kids

By Michael Garcia-Roig, M.D. What Is a Kidney Stone? Kidney stones are hard as a rock and form in the kidney. While stones tend to be small in children, size doesn’t contribute to how bad the symptoms can be. Even a tiny stone as small as a pinhead can cause a lot of pain. Kidney […]

Swollen Scrotum in Children: Causes and Treatments

By Michael Garcia-Roig, M.D. If your child’s scrotum is significantly swollen on one side or the size fluctuates, this can be the sign of a hydrocele or inguinal hernia. Pediatric groin hernias, also called inguinal hernia, happens for a different reason than in adults, not because they strained themselves. Causes Early in fetal development, while […]

Suspect Your Child Has a UTI? Here’s How to Help

Knowing the Signs We tend to associate UTIs with pain while voiding, voiding very often, or the feeling of needing to void but being unable to. These feelings might also accompany a fever, pain in the lower abdomen, or even back pain. Typically, the urine has a foul smell as well. This sort of stereotypical […]

This Too Shall Pass: Understanding Passing a Kidney Stone

By Christopher Keith, M.D. Passing a kidney stone can be miserable. Some female patients tell us stone passage is worse than childbirth. So, what does it mean for a kidney stone to pass, and why don’t we have a better solution? What is a Kidney Stone? Kidney stones, as the name implies, form in the […]

Men’s Health Clinics…Beware! Part 1

By Charles Kaplan, M.D. How many times have we heard the men’s health clinic ads on the radio? They sound so appealing, often guaranteeing success on your first visit or your money back. So exactly what does all that mean? Let’s break it down: The doctors you see in many of these men’s health clinics […]

Prolonged Erection: Priapism Is a Urological Emergency

By Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D., F. A. C. S. I’m sure by now, you may have seen and or heard a commercial for erectile dysfunction (ED) which ends with the statement, “If your erection lasts more than four hours, call your doctor.” This condition (known as priapism) is a urological emergency that is relatively rare, […]