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How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

On its own, diabetes can be a difficult condition to manage. Unfortunately, this illness often comes with associated problems, including erectile dysfunction. If you are dealing with diabetes and erectile function at the same time, the information below will help you to better understand the issue and find the right treatment.

About Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

The term “erectile dysfunction” refers to the inability to get a firm erection or maintain a firm erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. Diabetes, on the other hand, occurs when you have too much glucose in your blood.

Why Do They Occur Together?

Erectile dysfunction becomes more common with age. However, the condition is even more common among men who have diabetes. Over time, diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control erections. In addition, some of the other conditions that often occur with diabetes, such as coronary artery disease, can also contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction.

What Treatments are Available?

Regardless of your age or the presence of other ailments, erectile dysfunction is never normal. Fortunately, this condition can be treated. Some of the treatment options for erectile dysfunction include:

Lifestyle Changes

Certain lifestyle changes may improve both your diabetes and your erectile dysfunction. Examples include losing weight, regular exercise and discontinuation of smoking.

Oral Medication

Certain oral medications, such as Cialis, Levitra and Viagra can also be used to improve erectile dysfunction. These medications can be used safely in most men with diabetes.

Injection Therapy

Injectable medication can produce an erection within 15 minutes of injection. To use this medication, you must be able to inject into the side of the penis on your own when you are ready to engage.

Urethral Suppositories

Urethral suppositories can be inserted into the penis in order to produce an erection when sexual activity is desired. As with the injection, erections usually result within 15 minutes.

Penile Implant

A penile implant is a device that is placed in the penis surgically. This treatment is one of the most invasive, but it is usually effective.

Vacuum Erection Device

A vacuum erection device is a device placed on the penis to initiate an erection. The vacuum increases blood flow to the area, which simulates an erection. A band is placed around the penis to maintain the erection-like state.

Here at Georgia Urology, we offer all of the treatment options listed above. We understand how diabetes and erectile dysfunction are related, and we will help you address both of these conditions so that you can live a fuller, healthier life.

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