Dr. Barrett-Harlow appears on "The Weekly Check-Up" on wsb radio

Dr. Brittani Barrett-Harlow Appeared on “The Weekly Check-Up” on WSB Radio

On Sunday, March 14, 2021, Georgia Urology’s Dr. Brittani Barrett-Harlow made her debut guest appearance on “The Weekly Check-Up” on News/Talk WSB Radio.

During the show, Dr. Barrett-Harlow, and host, Dr. Bruce Feinberg discussed sexual medicine in men, such as erectile dysfunction (ED), urinary incontinence, and Peyronie’s disease. In addition, Dr. Barrett-Harlow took several questions from callers and discussed her journey into urology and a sub-specialty in men’s sexual health, especially as a Black female working in a historically male-dominated field. In a recent study, female urologists are representing 9.9% of the workforce; a number that continues to increase. “We’re definitely seeing more female urologists entering the field. From a female perspective, I can understand their spouse’s or loved ones’ viewpoint” says Dr. Barrett-Harlow, in the article, “Women in Urology: The Tide is Turning.”

Dr. Barrett-Harlow’s devotion to men’s sexual health and patient-care shined through during this segment of “The Weekly Check-Up.” When asked why she chose urology and men’s health as her sub-specialty after graduating from Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Barrett-Harlow responded, “I knew I wanted to do something surgical in an area where I could develop relationships with my patients from caring for them for an extensive period of time. Once I began my training in urology, I fell in love with conditions such as male incontinence and erectile dysfunction, because these conditions often affect a patients’ quality of life. In my sub-specialty, I can address exactly that.”

Born and raised in Georgia, Dr. Barrett-Harlow received her Doctor of Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia and completed her general surgery internship and urology residency at the University of Texas at Houston/MD Anderson Cancer Center. She later completed her sexual medicine and prosthetic urology fellowship at Urology Centers of Alabama. She is a member of an array of professional organizations including the Society of Women in Urology; the Sexual Medicine Society of North America; the American Urological Association; and the International Society of Sexual Medicine.

At Georgia Urology, she sees patients at our Fayetteville office location.

Did you miss Dr. Barrett-Harlow on “The Weekly Check-Up” on Sunday, March 14? See below for the full segment.

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