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Georgia Urology Champions Fund for Pediatric Urology at CHOA

Public has new opportunity to give back, support pediatric urology research

The pediatric urologists with Georgia Urology are rallying together to support a fund benefitting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s (CHOA) Department of Pediatric Urology and its pediatric urology fellowship.

Georgia Urology Pediatrics has a longstanding relationship with CHOA, a nonprofit children’s healthcare center. The two combine their efforts to provide strong and passionate clinical care through medical research.

“Contributions to this fund help support independent academic research to further our understanding of diseases in pediatric urology with the ultimate goal of improving the care of children,” explained Dr. Andrew Kirsch, a Georgia Urology pediatric urologist at CHOA.

Previous collaborative research between Georgia Urology and CHOA has resulted in a better understanding of key areas including MRI of the kidney (magnetic resonance urography), prune belly syndrome, vesicoureteral reflux, and minimally invasive robot-assisted surgery.

Through these and other advancements, Georgia Urology and CHOA continue to notice the power of pediatric care and the way it impacts families’ lives. According to staff, countless parents and family members often look for ways to give back and donate after their children receive care.

“We’re consistently humbled by the gratitude we receive from the families of those we treat,” said Dr. Edwin Smith, another Georgia Urology pediatric urologist. “This fund gives them the opportunity to play a vital role in saving and improving lives for years to come by supporting academic research in our practice.”

For more information, visit Children Healthcare of Atlanta’s Pediatric Urology donation page online.