Georgia Urology’s Dr. Lambda Msezane Featured In Women’s History Month Panel

March 20, 2017 (Atlanta) — Georgia Urology’s Dr. Lambda Msezane will be featured in a career panel honoring Women’s History Month. The Office of Inclusion & Diversity at Marist School, Dr. Msezane’s alma mater, is hosting the panel on Thursday, March 23rd, at the Ivy Street Lecture Hall. Dr. Msezane, along with two other women, will be discussing how they overcame the gender gap in multiple fields, including the often male-dominated urology.

Only eight percent of practicing urologists are female, according to a recent online medical poll. After conquering the largest gender disparity in the medical field, Dr. Msezane hopes to inspire other young women to not be intimidated by those statistics. In this panel, she will cover what trials and tribulations she has faced during her path to becoming a urologist and overcoming the gender gap, as well as the major successes she has accomplished.

“I’m often asked, ‘What made you choose Urology? I thought that only men chose that specialty.’ As we now take a stronger look at all the STEM fields of study, no one should be asking that question to a female in any line of work,” Dr. Msezane said. “We need to continue to encourage young women to pursue whatever field that interests them. The benefits of hard work, regardless of which gender produced the results, benefit all humankind. As we celebrate women’s history month, we are encouraged to know that women can do anything that suits them and excel!”

Dr. Msezane earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the coveted Princeton University and her Doctor of Medicine degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. On top of her impressive education, Dr. Msezane has also earned a plethora of awards, including the American Urology Association’s Travel Urology Award and the Schoenberg Research Scholar Award at the University of Chicago for her research on prostate, urothelial biology, and bladder cancer.

This panel is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about the successes of women in the workforce. Dr. Msezane will surely encourage other young women to follow in her footsteps in accomplishing their goals regardless of their gender.

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