Lambda Msezane, M.D.

Dr. Msezane earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Molecular Biology from Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey and a Doctor of Medicine degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  She completed her Residency in Surgery and in Urology at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Msezane was awarded the American Urology Association’s Travel Urology Award and Novecea Gerald M. Murphy Scholar Award as well as the Schoenberg Research Scholar Award at the University of Chicago for her research on prostate, urothelial biology and bladder cancer. Dr. Msezane has staff privileges at DeKalb Medical Center, DeKalb Medical at Hillendale, Decatur Hospital, Emory Midtown and Northside Hospital.

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4.9 /5
63 Reviews

Continue to do the good work, thanks.
Great Doctor, kind and compassionate.
The doctor was special in her treatment and conversations with me about my problems and her advice going forward. I believe she is special in her line of doctoring to the patients.
I’m blessed to have an urologist that is so thorough, up to date with newest cutting edge research, and personable.
Dr Msezane and her PA were extremely kind and understanding during my visit. It was a followup to an ER visit over the weekend. I was able to get all my concerns taken care of and left the office in better headspace than when I got there. I love my GA Urology Drs!
The patient portal is hard to navigate on confirming apts. etc.
I was shocked to find no parking places on the upper level and after finally finding a place in the lower level I was again surprised that there is no elevator to the second level. So I, handicapped by joint pain, had to walk up a hill to get to the office I needed. I see two problems: you have too little parking and are not adequately accommodating persons with disabilities. I WAS able to climb the hill, but worry about people in worse condition, who despite some difficulties still live alone and drive themselves to stores and dr visits. I believe it is a legal requirement to have handicap access inside your building.
Thank you for the great and speedy visit! You ladies rocks! Dr. Lambda Msezane showed that she cared by listening, answering, examining me. Thanks!
My appointment was arranged by my oncologist the day before my visit to GaUrology. Dr. Mszane was very understanding and had to break news to me that I had not heard the day before at the oncologist - I have kidney cancer. But so much information has been thrown at me so quickly I hadn't finished processing the info from the oncologist the day before, and had more information from her to process. I've heard good things about her. My gastroenterologist raved about her being the new top-gun of this surgery when my step-brother saw him and said I am in very good hands. Dr. Kamean never brags about ANY surgeon!
Everyone has always been wonderful with me during my visits and on the phone. Being new to Atlanta, it's so hard to decide on Physicians and to have the wonderful experience from my first visit has been great. Thanks to all at GA Urology Decatur!