Dr. Lambda Msezane on Atlanta & Company of 11Alive and the AJC

Dr. Msezane Talks Prostate Cancer on Atlanta & Company of 11Alive and the AJC

In September 2020, Georgia Urology’s Dr. Lambda Msezane was featured on 11 Alive’s “Atlanta & Company” daily show. She was also featured in an accompanying written piece in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC). In both, she discussed prostate cancer in African American Men and immunotherapy— a treatment option designated to help the immune system fight metastatic prostate cancer. “For immunotherapy, you can take the patient’s own white blood cells, sensitize them to prostate cancer, then reintroduce those cells to aid in fighting metastatic prostate cancer. We’re using the body’s own immune system to fight the cancer,” says Dr. Msezane for the AJC.

Watch Dr. Msezane’s full segment on Atlanta & Company on 11alive.com. She presented data from PROCEED, the largest real-world registry, to evaluate the safety and survival outcomes of immunotherapy in men with advanced prostate cancer. A subset analysis of the data demonstrated that African American men, despite presenting with more advanced disease, had a better overall response to immunotherapy, with a significant difference in overall survival vs. Caucasian men.

Read Dr. Msezane in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) article, “Immunotherapy for men with advanced prostate cancer shows promise.”