Hassle-Free, No-Scalpel Vasectomies

This is the best news for men who are considering permanent male birth control but wary and anxious about having a vasectomy. The no-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) is just that. A simple, gentle, easy office procedure that has significant advantages over conventional vasectomies, according to many studies.

NSV procedures are faster and have much shorter recovery times than traditional vasectomy. They are also much safer, with far less bleeding or risk of infection. Best of all, they are virtually painless. Many doctors actually call them gentle vasectomies.

NSV was originally developed in China in 1974 by Dr. Li Shunqiang. In 1988, after careful observation and review of the no-scalpel vasectomy procedure, the World Health Organization decided to introduce the technique to North America. Since then, over one million no-scalpel vasectomies have been performed in the United States and Canada. Nearly 20 million no-scalpel vasectomies have been performed in China.

The new procedure comes as a welcome relief to men who may have avoided vasectomy because of the pain and discomfort associated with the conventional method. With NSV, there is no knife, no cutting incision and no stitches needed.

Men who have undergone the no-scalpel vasectomy are amazed at how little actual physical discomfort they experienced during the procedure and through recovery. Men who previously avoided vasectomy due to their fear of the scalpel now feel comfortable, relaxed and more accepting of this simple procedure.

Dr. Yuan has performed over 4,500 successful vasectomies under local anesthesia using his in-office vasectomy procedure. It’s quick – about 15 minutes – and effective with minimum discomfort. Usually, just one tiny puncture incision is necessary. So if you’ve completed your family and desire the safest, most effective means of permanent male birth control, Dr. Yuan can help.