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What is Cystoscopy? Georgia Urology Explains

Cystoscopy means literally to look at the bladder with a scope. The expert urologists at Georgia Urology have performed many cystoscopes, so they’re extremely qualified to explain all about this medical procedure. Why Should You Get a Cystoscopy? Reasons for doing a cystoscopy include evaluation of lower urinary tract when there is blood in the urine. Similarly, […]

Dietary Recommendations for Kidney Stones

By Dr. Jerry Yuan, M.D. Since diet contributes to a varying degree in the formation of kidney stone, dietary recommendations for kidney stones are extremely important. In some, modifying one’s diet with multiple risk factors may be all that is needed for stone prevention while others will require specific medical treatment with dietary measures serving […]

An Expert Pediatric Urologist Discusses Undescended Testis

By Wolfgang Cerwinka, M.D. A testicle outside its normal location in the scrotal sac is called an undescended testis. Undescended testes are relatively common and are found in 1 of 100 boys. This condition may be regarded as a failure of a testicle to descend into the scrotal sac, which normally occurs before birth. Keep […]

Georgia Urology Staffer Works to Bring Warmth to Homeless Atlantans

Plunging temperatures mean cold nights for many of Atlanta’s homeless. Often it takes the warm hearts of others to help provide comfort for those less fortunate. Collecting and distributing blankets, coats, and other clothing for the needy is now a top priority for Food of Faith, a grassroots group of volunteers organized by Georgia Urology […]

Dr. Barry Zisholtz Appeared as a Guest on WSB’s The Weekly Check-Up

On Sunday, October 28th, Dr. Barry Zisholtz of Georgia Urology joined “The Weekly Check-Up” radio show on WSB, alongside host, Dr. Bruce Feinberg. This episode’s focus was unique to the show’s typical healthcare conversation and emphasized the power of healing and helping our children understand the world around them. Dr. Zisholtz discussed an article he […]

Dr. Lewis Kriteman is featured on Fox 5 news with prostate cancer patient

Georgia Urology’s Dr. Lewis Kriteman was recently featured on Atlanta’s Fox 5 news discussing a patient success story involving prostate cancer. Jack Francisco was diagnosed in the summer of 2010, while Jack’s wife, Lee, was in the midst of recuperating from her second breast cancer surgery. Jack was then referred to Dr. Kriteman who soon […]

Georgia Urology physicians use innovative technology to hunt down and treat bladder cancers

Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview improves fight against bladder cancer Physicians with Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in the Southeast, are among a select number of medical professionals nationwide using Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview. This assists in detecting papillary cancer of the bladder in patients with known or suspected bladder cancer. Cysview is […]

Georgia Urology Proudly Sponsored the 2018 F.A.S.T. PACE RACE

Georgia Urology was incredibly proud to sponsor the F.A.S.T. PACE RACE for the 10th year in a row, all in the effort to raise awareness for prostate cancer! The F.A.S.T. PACE RACE was presented by the Forsyth Area Striders Team (F.A.S.T) and the Prostate Condition Education Council (PCEC). The proceeds of their half marathon, 5k, 10k, and 1m […]