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What Happens if My PSA Rises after Surgery?

PSA, or prostate-specific antigen, is a protein in the blood produced by the prostate. It is used as an indicator in a man’s blood to determine the health of the prostate. An elevated PSA can indicate prostate cancer, but other non-cancerous issues can cause elevated PSA as well. Two of the most common non-cancerous causes […]

Dr. Brent Sharpe appeared on WSB’s radio show The Weekly Check-Up on Sunday, July 9

Last Sunday, Georgia Urology’s Dr. Brent Sharpe appeared on WSB’s healthcare talk show The Weekly Check-Up hosted by Dr. Bruce Feinberg. Dr. Sharpe spoke on a number of topics covering men’s and women’s urologic health, minimally invasive surgeries, erectile dysfunction, prosthetic urology, and urinary incontinence. Listeners called in to ask Dr. Sharpe about their urologic […]

Bladder Control Tips for Women

Urinary incontinence is a problem for women of all ages, but more common as women grow older. It can also sneak up on women because it can start small and increase gradually over time. If you are having issues with bladder control, there are several solutions. Read about how to control your bladder below. Don’t […]

Seventeen Georgia Urology physicians receive Top Doctors honors in Atlanta

Drs. Allen, Banks, Capelouto, Carmen, Chen, Falconer, Futral, Goldstone, Haber, Kaplan, Kirsch, Levinson, Miller, Scherz, Shessel, Smith, and Zisholtz, appear in Atlanta magazine’s July issue July 3, 2017 (Atlanta) — Seventeen physicians from Georgia Urology ­–the largest urology practice in the Southeast­–  rank among metro Atlanta’s Top Doctors in Atlanta magazine’s July issue. In all, more […]

How to Deal with Incontinence

As adults, we expect that having “accidents” is a thing of the past. At Georgia Urology, we understand the self-consciousness and embarrassment people who suffer from incontinence can experience. Luckily, those who suffer from this condition are not alone or without help. Incontinence is a common problem, but many adults find a solution in lifestyle […]

Georgia Urology’s Midtown Office Moves Locations

June 7, 2017 – The Midtown office at Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in the Southeastern United States, has moved locations. Their Midtown office, which opened its doors on June 1, is now located at 1 Baltimore Place in Suite 350 in Atlanta, GA. Georgia Urology’s Dr. Walter Falconer, Dr. Emerson Harrison, and Dr. Scott D. Miller will see patients at this location. In addition […]

How to Treat a Kidney Stone

Your body’s organ systems work together to keep you healthy and strong, each serving a different but vital purpose in helping your body function. Although many people are embarrassed to think about or discuss their urinary tract, properly caring for the organs in this system can be the difference between feeling great and falling ill. […]