Two Georgia Urology Doctors, Dr. Charles Kaplan And Dr. Ronald E. Anglade, Participating in Upcoming Free Men’s Health Seminars

Georgia Urology’s Dr. Charles Kaplan and Dr. Ronald E. Anglade will be participating in two free men’s health seminars discussing the latest treatments for erectile dysfunction and bladder leakage. The first class will take place on Thursday, March 30, with Dr. Charles Kaplan speaking at the Smyrna Community Center at 6:30 p.m. Dr. Ronald E. […]

Georgia Urology’s F. Peter Nicholson to practice out of Monroe office

Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in the Southeastern United States, is pleased to announce that Dr. F. Peter Nicholson will begin seeing patients in the practice’s Monroe office as of March 6. Dr. Nicholson, who previously worked out of Georgia Urology’s Fayetteville office, will supplement Drs. Roosevelt Allen Jr. and Ronald Anglade in the […]

Why You Should Seek Treatment for an Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder is a problem for many people today, but fortunately there are treatment solutions available. It is common for people to ignore their overactive bladder symptoms because they don’t actually realize that it is a significant medical problem. Learn more about what causes an overactive bladder how it can be treated below. The […]

What is Pudendal Neuromodulation?

If you have been diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia, you may be researching the potential treatment options including pudendal neuromodulation, an outpatient procedure designed to manage this rare condition. Find out more about pudendal neuralgia and one of the best ways to deal with it below. What is Pudendal Neuralgia? Pudendal neuralgia is a condition that […]

Dr. Haber’s patient drives six hours for annual visit

Once a year, Larry Thompson gets in his car and drives six hours from his home in Santa Rosa Beach on the Florida Panhandle to see Georgia Urology’s Dr. Mark A. Haber at the practice’s Glenridge office. A retired executive with IBM — he worked there for 35 years, the last 10 of which he […]

Georgia Urology physicians help Northside Hospital to become metro Atlanta’s first to use new MRI, ultraound system to treat prostate cancer

Artemis system includes computer-aided detection to assist in biopsies January 13, 2017 (Atlanta) — Physicians from Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in the Southeastern United States, have played a vital role as Northside Hospital has become the first in metro Atlanta to use a combination of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound with computer-aided […]

Five Celebrities Who’ve Shared Their Personal Struggle with Incontinence

People who experience urinary incontinence often feel alone in their struggles, a feeling that is only intensified by the fact that the subject of incontinence is infrequently discussed among even the closest of friends and family members. If you’ve ever felt embarrassed or isolated, rest assured you’re not alone. Not only do a quarter to […]

Georgia Urology’s Dr. Walter Falconer was a special guest on CBS46 News “Public Affairs on Peach” for prostate cancer and men’s health

On November 19, CBS46 News invited Dr. Walter Falconer to be a special guest on its Men’s Health episode of Public Affairs on Peach. “Movember” is a month dedicated to tackling issues related to men’s health, and Dr. Falconer gave his insight in a segment dedicated to prostate cancer. During his interview with Bobby Kaple, […]