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Protecting Your Child’s Kidneys

By Dr. Hal Scherz, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.C.S. Kidney problems in children are often difficult to detect because symptoms may not be present or the child is unable to communicate. Therefore, parents need to have a heightened awareness and index of suspicion regarding unusual findings. Common Kidney Issues with Children Children may have the same kind […]

Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: Facts About Testicular Cancer

By Dr. Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D., F. A. C. S Testicular cancer is a relatively uncommon disease, but, for some unknown reason, the incident has been increasing over the last 50 years. There are approximately six new cases of testicle cancer per 100,000 men in this country, which correlates with approximately 8,900 new cases per year. To […]

Turning Fear into Success: Georgia Urology Patient Now Two Years Cancer Free

In 2016, 58-year-old Eugene Reece hadn’t set foot in a doctor’s office for eight years. Several negative experiences with physicians earlier in life led him to avoid seeing doctors as much as possible. But when a pain in Eugene’s lower back wouldn’t go away, it forced an end to his strike. After an initial visit […]

Avoid the Pain of Kidney Stones

By Dr. Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D., F. A. C. S Kidney stones have been documented for thousands of years. They have been discovered in ancient Egyptian mummies, clearly well before we had the type of instrumentation and technology that we have in the 21st century. It is almost impossible to comprehend how ancient man dealt with something […]

Georgia Urology champions fund for pediatric urology department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Public has new opportunity to give back, support pediatric urology research The pediatric urologists with Georgia Urology are rallying together to support a fund benefitting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s (CHOA) Department of Pediatric Urology and its pediatric urology fellowship. Georgia Urology Pediatrics has a longstanding relationship with CHOA, a nonprofit children’s healthcare center. The two […]

Georgia Urology co-sponsors Community Conversation on Prostate Cancer presented by Bayer

Dr. Darrell Carmen joined event’s physician panel to boost disease awareness, proactivity Georgia Urology continued its local outreach by participating in another program to help boost prostate cancer awareness and proactivity among African-American men. This free-to-the-public event, entitled Bayer Presents Community Conversation on Prostate Cancer, took place 10 a.m. February 17 at Omega Psi Phi […]

Prevent Urologic Cancers from Affecting You and Your Family

By Dr. Barry M. Zisholtz, M.D., F. A. C. S Urologists treat many different types of cancers. The most common cancer we see is prostate cancer. However, our patients also present with bladder, kidney, penile and testicular cancer and occasionally some other very rare types cancers. There are lots of studies and recommendations on how to decrease […]

Georgia Urology Patient Beats Prostate Cancer Thanks to Dr. Vahan Kassabian and Innovative HIFU Procedure

10 years ago, Atlanta resident Andrew Smith found himself at Georgia Urology speaking with Dr. Vahan Kassabian. His general practitioner recommended he visit a urology specialist when they discovered Andrew’s PSA levels were high. PSA, which stands for prostate-specific antigen, is a specific protein found in men’s prostates that can indicate prostate cancer when the […]

Join us for a Community Conversation on Prostate Cancer, Saturday, February 17

Join Georgia Urology on Saturday, February 17 for a free-to-the-public event, entitled Bayer Presents Community Conversation on Prostate Cancer. The event will feature educational talks by physicians including Dr. Darrell Carmen, free PSA screenings by Georgia Urology staff, and an appearance by Chesley McNeil of 11Alive. Please RSVP by calling (855) 727-4985 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 […]

Food of Faith

As the most recent holiday season fades into the past like a melting flake of snow, the spirit of giving sometimes goes with it. Tricia Newman of Loganville, a patient coordinator at Georgia Urology, allows her charitable light to shine throughout the entire year! For the past 10 years, Ms. Newman has been operating Food […]