Penile Fracture: A True Emergency

Most people have never heard or experienced a penile fracture. However, the penis can “fracture”, even if there is no bone in the penis.

Georgia Urology expert Dr. Zisholtz explains this urology phenomenon and the experience he’s had correcting these.

How Does a Penis Break?

During sex, and as the penis becomes erect, the pressure inside the two cylinders begins to rise. The pressure during sex inside the penis can increase to over 200mm of mercury in a healthy man.

However, if during sexual activity the penis accidentally hits the woman’s pubic bone, the immediate pressure is magnified and the cylinders can rupture.

What Does a Penile Fracture Feel Like?

Usually, there is a loud popping sound and sudden pain. The erection suddenly disappears, as all the pressure is relieved by the blood escaping into the soft tissues. Sometimes, the blood may also go directly into the urethra, resulting in bleeding from the tip of the penis.

How Do You Treat a Penile Fracture?

Ice and pressure should be applied, and emergency consultation is advised. The best treatment is to repair the rupture and any other area that was damaged. With repair of the fracture and drainage, there’s a much better chance for the gentleman to maintain his future sexual capacity.

Does Georgia Urology Treat Penile Fracture?

Over the last two months, I’ve had two patients with severe “fractures”. Both were operated on, repaired, and/or drained. I’m happy to report both are back in action!

If you have any more questions or concerns about this urological issue, contact the experts at Georgia Urology to make an appointment.