Doctor holding the hands of a patient, discussing Urolift.

Dr. Lewis Kriteman and Urolift Restore Confidence to Patient

Dr. Jay Bernsohn, a retired dentist and passionate artist, knew the experts at Georgia Urology well. With kidneys on dialysis, his prior visits to our urologists had generated trust in this expert team.

In early 2018, his list of medical problems grew to include trouble urinating. This began impacting his quality of life and getting in the way of his favorite activities, including painting and crafting beautiful pieces of digital art on his computer. However, Dr. Bernsohn knew who to turn to.

Visiting the Atlanta Experts of Urology

When the problems first began to surface, Dr. Bernsohn visited Dr. Lewis Kriteman. An expert in male and female voiding dysfunctions, Dr. Kriteman had the knowledge and experience it took to restore comfort to Dr. Bernsohn.

After initial examinations, Dr. Kriteman discovered Dr. Bernsohn suffered from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This medical condition causes the prostate gland to enlarge. After enough time, the prostate will block the urethra and prevent any urine from traveling through.

Considering factors such as Dr. Bernsohn’s preexisting medical conditions, Dr. Kriteman knew the best way to tackle these issues was Urolift.

What is the Urolift Procedure?

Urolift is a device placed in the obstructed urethra. Once in place, it compresses the tissue and delivers small implants that continue to lift and hold tissue out of the way of the urethra without any cutting or burning. This allows the blockage to open up without the risk of closing.

Though this procedure is relatively new, many medical professionals are taking advantage of its high success rate and quick recovery. It’s best for those who aren’t improving from medication for benign prostatic hyperplasia or for those who need little to no down time.

Dr. Bernsohn’s Experience with Urolift

Though Dr. Bernsohn was nervous about the procedure, he knew he wanted to get back to his artwork quickly, and Urolift’s shortened recovery times would allow for that. Additionally, his trust in Dr. Kriteman’s skill made the process significantly easier.

“Dr. Kriteman is fantastic at his job,” Dr. Bernsohn explained. “He is one of the best people I know, and I’m thrilled to have had him helping me out during this time.”

After administering a few numbing shots to his patient, Dr. Kriteman implanted the device, and the procedure was successful. Several hours after the procedure the patient was voiding well and was able to return home the same day.

After the Success of Urolift

Now Dr. Bernsohn is back to painting and enjoying retirement. Aside from his artwork, he loves spending time with his wife and two daughters. The family moved to Georgia from Maryland five years ago and enjoys being in the South.

“I have a friend up in Boston, and I told him that if he ever had issues, he needed to fly down to Georgia to see Dr. Kriteman. There is no one better when it comes to this,” Dr. Bernsohn explained.

Dr. Kriteman states, “BPH is a medical condition that affects tens of millions of men in this country. I’m very happy that we now have effective minimally invasive treatments that can improve our patients’ lives with few to no side effects. Dr. Bernsohn is an example of how well patients can do with this procedure.

If you’re having issues using the restroom or suspect you’re suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia, contact Georgia Urology to schedule an appointment.