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What to Expect if You Receive a Ureteral Stent

By Dr. Anand Shantha, M.D. A ureteral stent is most often used during the treatment of stone and occasionally with other surgery involving the urinary tract. The experts at Georgia Urology have lots of experience in placing and removing stents, so check out our guide on this common medical procedure below. What is the Ureter? The […]

Peyronie’s Disease Front and Center

By Dr. Emerson Harrison, M.D., F.A.C.S. Peyronie’s disease was named after the famous French surgeon Francois Gigot de la Peyronie, surgeon to King Louis XV. In 1743, Dr. Peyronie described a condition characterized by scar tissue, or plaque, that forms inside the penis. This plaque caused curvature or bending of the erect penis. This disorder […]

Hydroceles in Kids: What Parents Should Know

By Dr. Michael Garcia-Roig, M.D The scrotum is the sack behind the penis where the two testicles live in males. Occasionally, some babies and older children can develop painless swelling in this area. It can come on quickly or slowly and can be constant or can come and go. There are several reasons why the […]

MRI Guided Fusion Prostate Biopsy: A New Tool Against Prostate Cancer

By Dr. Jerry Yuan, M.D. Many advances have been made in the last decade in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. A great example is a prostate MRI guided biopsy or the fusion Bx. It represents a quantum leap forward when indicated. This allows for more accurate identification of those with elevated PSAs necessitating […]

Georgia Urology’s Midtown Atlanta office moves to new location

Drs. Falconer, Harrison, Blum, Sherlag, and Zisholtz now seeing patients, offering best-in-class care at convenient, intown locale New and current patients of Georgia Urology, the largest urology practice in the Southeast, can now visit the new Midtown location, conveniently located in the recently opened Northside Midtown Medical building. Those in need of a urology specialist […]

Georgia Urology Patient Faces Prostate Cancer With Positivity

“You probably have prostate cancer.” When Jack Francisco heard those words from his primary care physician, they rattled his already challenging world. It was late summer 2010, and Jack’s wife, Lee, was in the midst of recuperating from her second breast cancer surgery. A financial planner by trade, Jack recognized he and his wife’s own […]

Dr. Rosenfeld and Physician Assistant Tansy Ridings appear on “The Weekly Check-Up” on WSB Radio

On Sunday, September 8th, Georgia Urology’s Dr. Joel Rosenfeld and Physician Assistant, Tansy Ridings were featured on “The Weekly Check-Up Atlanta”. During the segment, Dr. Rosenfeld and Tansy Ridings discussed with host Dr. Bruce Feinberg the high demand for advanced practice providers. Both stated this need is changing the face of clinical practices and drastically […]

Prostate Cancer Rehabilitation

By Dr. Brent A. Sharpe, M.D. 1:9 men in the US will have prostate cancer. While that in itself can be frightening enough, many men also fear prostate cancer treatments. This fear mainly stems from the potential complications of erectile dysfunction, or ED, and urinary incontinence that may occur with curative therapy. The two most common […]