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An Expert Pediatric Urologist Discusses Undescended Testis

By Wolfgang Cerwinka, M.D. A testicle outside its normal location in the scrotal sac is called an undescended testis. Undescended testes are relatively common and are found in 1 of 100 boys. This condition may be regarded as a failure of a testicle to descend into the scrotal sac, which normally occurs before birth. Keep […]

The Growth of Robotic Surgery in Pediatric Urology

By Andrew J. Kirsch, MD, FAAP, FACS Medical Director, Robotic Surgery Program Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Partner, Georgia Urology Member, Society of Robotic Urologic Surgeons The term “Robot” was first coined in 1921 in a Czech play called Rossom’s Universal Robots.  It was not until 1985 that the first medical robotic procedure was performed, initially to […]

Your Child’s Risk of Testicular Torsion

By Dr. Michael Garcia-Roig Sudden onset testicular pain can be a medical emergency. There are a number of things that can cause this, but one of the most concerning involves a sudden twisting of the testicle that cuts off blood flow to that area. This problem happens in some kids because the testicle isn’t held […]

Learn About Protecting Your Child’s Kidneys

By Hal Scherz, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.C.S. Kidney problems in children are often difficult to detect because symptoms may not be present or the child is unable to communicate. Therefore, parents need to have a heightened awareness and index of suspicion regarding unusual findings when it comes to protecting their child’s kidneys. Common Kidney Issues with […]

Pediatric Urinary Issues and Care

Common Urinary Problems There are a wide range of potential disorders that can occur within a child’s genital or urinary systems. These conditions are often present from birth, but can also develop during early childhood. With proper diagnosis and care most can be treated early in a patient’s life. Some of the most common issues […]

The Importance of Pediatric Urology

For children who have illnesses, injuries, or diseases that impact their urinary tract or genitals, a pediatric urologist is the specialist with the training to help them get better. This type of doctor will have specialized medical training in general urology and pediatric urology, which makes them uniquely qualified to handle the genitourinary health problems […]

Pediatric Urologic Gynecology Article Published

An article titled Pediatric Urological Gynecology written by our very own pediatric urologists Dr. James Elmore and Dr. Andrew Kirsch has been published in the pediatric section of Medscape Reference. Over 100,000 physicians go to Medscape Reference each month for current and reliable patient care information. Click here to read.

3 Tips for Potty Training a Child with Urinary Incontinence

For most parents, potty training is a dreaded chore. Depending on the child, potty training may take a few days or even a few months, and it is almost always characterized by lots of long trips to the bathroom. However, when your child suffers from urinary incontinence, the task can seem even more overwhelming. What […]