Dr. Bryce Wyatt smiling in his office.

Testicular Cancer: A Patient’s Journey

In late 2019, Charles Farmer, a 29-year-old project manager, began experiencing progressive pain in his groin area, hoping it would subside. The pain continued over the course of several months, and he eventually decided to visit a doctor. Unfortunately, Farmer heard the dreaded word no patient wants to hear: Cancer.

After being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Farmer consulted Georgia Urology’s Dr. Bryce Wyatt.

“Dr. Wyatt was easy to relate to,” says Farmer. “He genuinely cared, not just for me as a patient, but for the future me.”

Dr. Wyatt’s care included recommending surgery. The day after his appointment with Dr. Wyatt, Farmer found himself in the operating room. Dr. Wyatt explained the process of removing the tumor, answered all of Farmer’s questions, and assured him he would do everything he could to get him feeling like himself again.

“Dr. Wyatt has been along for the ride and there for support,” Farmer explains. This support, he says, included Dr. Wyatt thoroughly explaining things in layman’s terms, including the type of cancer Farmer had and whether it was aggressive or not.

Post-surgery, Farmer had a small, four-inch scar on the right side of his stomach where Dr. Wyatt removed the tumor. During recovery, Farmer felt some discomfort, but he was on his feet the next day and returned to work the following week.

After more than two years of monitoring, Farmer says nothing else has been detected, and he remains optimistic about his future. He will continue to periodically visit Georgia Urology for blood work and checkups.

“Some people see cancer or say cancer and want to run for the hills,” Farmer says. “It’s about how you attack it, if you have a good doctor by your side, and if family and friends are by your side.”

The main takeaway from the experience, Farmer says, is recognizing the importance of early detection. Although he postponed an examination, Farmer strongly encourages others to get checked out as soon as possible.

“My care at Georgia Urology has been amazing,” Farmer explains. “They are a good group of doctors, and it’s a good practice. Looking on the bright side of things is my forte. I sensed they shared that same mentality when I walked through the doors of Georgia Urology.”

Dr. Bryce Wyatt and patient, Charles Farmer, spoke with FOX Medical Team to share testicular cancer journey.