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Georgia Urology Adopts Groundbreaking Enlarged Prostate Surgery

Georgia Urology’s Dr. Brent Sharpe counts himself fortunate to not only witness revolutionary breakthroughs in his field, but to be a purveyor himself. When treating patients for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), otherwise known as prostate enlargement, Dr. Sharpe can now offer the option of the groundbreaking enlarged prostate surgery Aquablation TURP, a game-changing urological procedure. […]

Procedure Allows Couple to Conceive, Changes Family’s Life Forever

Amy Chang of Alpharetta, Ga. longed for motherhood. Not just one child, but “an entire basketball team,” she said with a laugh. When she and husband Peter agreed to marry more than a decade ago, Amy explained her desire for a brood. Her groom-to-be agreed. However, a serious obstacle blocked their road to biological parenting. […]

Patient Overcomes Prostate Cancer, Credits Dr. Sharpe

After surviving a trio of brain surgeries to remove a tumor, Victor Bedzyk, a retired electrical engineer, would face yet another health challenge: prostate cancer. In late 2016, Bedzyk received the news from Dr. Brent Sharpe. With Bedzyk’s prostate-specific antigen (PSA) numbers on the rise, Dr. Sharpe suggested a prostate biopsy. The test came back […]

Dr. Kriteman is Featured on Fox 5 News with Prostate Cancer Patient

Georgia Urology’s Dr. Lewis Kriteman was recently featured on Atlanta’s Fox 5 news discussing a patient success story involving prostate cancer. Jack Francisco was diagnosed in the summer of 2010, while Jack’s wife, Lee, was in the midst of recuperating from her second breast cancer surgery. Jack was then referred to Dr. Kriteman who soon […]

Georgia Urology Patient Faces Prostate Cancer With Positivity

“You probably have prostate cancer.” When Jack Francisco heard those words from his primary care physician, they rattled his already challenging world. It was late summer 2010, and Jack’s wife, Lee, was in the midst of recuperating from her second breast cancer surgery. A financial planner by trade, Jack recognized he and his wife’s own […]

Dr. Lewis Kriteman and Urolift Restore Confidence to Patient

Dr. Jay Bernsohn, a retired dentist and passionate artist, knew the experts at Georgia Urology well. With kidneys on dialysis, his prior visits to our urologists had generated trust in this expert team. In early 2018, his list of medical problems grew to include trouble urinating. This began impacting his quality of life and getting […]

Dr. Kirsch’s Patient Featured on Fox 5 in Story of Prune Belly Survival

Soon after birth, Miller Jolliff of Gadsden, Alabama was diagnosed with Prune Belly Syndrome, a condition in which the infant is born with a lack of or the complete absence of stomach muscles. Dr. Andrew Kirsch of Georgia Urology describes the condition: “The abdomen is not open, but as you can imagine, if there was […]

Turning Fear into Success: Patient Now Two Years Cancer Free

In 2016, 58-year-old Eugene Reece hadn’t set foot in a doctor’s office for eight years. Several negative experiences with physicians earlier in life led him to avoid seeing doctors as much as possible. But when a pain in Eugene’s lower back wouldn’t go away, it forced an end to his strike. After an initial visit […]